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'Rolling Hills'
  From the archive 11 years ago!

Photo was taken near the Galtee Mountains, Co.Tipperary, (Irl)
It's sometimes good to get away from it all. This photo was taken in the heart of the countryside. With the sun hitting the upper hills, it cast lovely light back into the valley below it.
Thought For Today

'If you have a coin and I have a coin and we exchange coins, you still have a coin and I still have one coin. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange ideas, you now have two ideas and I now have two ideas.' ~Author Unknown

We cannot journey through life on our own. As we journey with people and those closest to us, we are constantly exchanging ideas, values and what is important to us. We may not agree with everything others may say but at least we have more information to make a better decision and a better choice. The same applies to faith matters. It's all about exchanging what's special and important to us. Anything that is loving and good will always search and find the same in someone else. When this has its roots in God the end results are always productive and always to our benefit.

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