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'Tranquil Setting'
  Photo was taken last evening at Bantry, West Cork (Irl)  
Bantry Bay was beautiful and tranquil yesterday evening as the day closed in around 5.15pm
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An Advent Reflection called 'The Advent Road'

Each of us stands at the fork of a road in life. Advent is no exception. In these weeks before Christmas I can make a choice. I can travel the Advent Road or as some people call it 'the road less traveled' or I can travel the main road to Christmas, the dual carriageway of busyness, rushing here and there, endless shopping lists, deadlines, parties, running out of time exhaustion..

The Advent Road isn't a bypass. It has its twists and turns. It has its bumps and sharp turns. Along that road we feel the pinch at times with the tasks that honesty imposes upon us.

The Advent Road invites us to take a closer look at our lives, to see what areas we could improve in, what areas we would like Jesus to be born into this Christmas. At the end of the Advent road we will experience something special, something worthwhile and something that will last. Which road you choose is up to you. It is possible to travel both roads and finding the balance between the two is possible. But the Advent road has so much going for it, with the best views and a very worthwhile destination.

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