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'Heaven On Earth'
(Archived on Friday - June - 01/06/2018 )

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  I went deep into the archive to pull this photo up. I shared it exactly 10 years ago on June 1st 2008. Where does time go!
Photo was taken at Mount Usher Gardens, Ashford, Co.Wicklow (Irl)
The river Vartry doesn't just run through these gardens, it does so cascading over many falls, creating beautiful sounds that can be heard in every corner of this garden.


Thought on Friday - June - 01/06/2018

'The foundations for a better tomorrow must be laid today' ~Author Unknown

The image of a foundation is one that is often used to explain the important things in our lives which give deep meaning and value. In our Gospels Jesus uses the image of building on rock or sand. A house built on rock can withstand any flood where as the one built on sand will collapse. A poor foundation may be the result of a geological fault where the earth collapses underneath, it may be due to poor materials or poor construction.
We too are challenged to look at the foundations of our own lives. There is much goodness, trust and love in many of our foundations. We need to hold all of these and much more. It is good news and makes you who you are. The poor foundations are areas in all of our lives that need improving. For every one of us this area is going to be different. Every poor foundation can be strengthed into something positive and worthwhile.

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