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'A Glimpse Of Spring'
(Archived on Monday - January - 20/01/2014 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday in the garden of Liam Flynn, on the Drishane Road, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
Snowdrops are such a beautiful sight at this time of year. They gently hint to us that winter is not over just yet but equally remind us that spring is definitely on it's way!


Thought on Monday - January - 20/01/2014

'Across time and throughout history, God's love has touched countless people. Often these encounters awaken a spiritual longing in us and we begin to seek this love fully and to have it always present in our lives. It is only as God touches us with this love that we come to understand the nature of life in a new and profound way.' ~Richard Foster

It is subtle and yet quite noticeable, the stretch in daylight each evening. On a fine evening daylight can now stretch to 5.30pm. Even if one did not plan to notice this stretch, it would be impossible to hide it. The same can be said about God's presence all around us. It is subtle but yet always noticeable. This presence, energy, spirit, love or whatever words are appropriate, is always there. It was St Augustine who famously said "Our hearts are restless until they rest in you". Our hearts are restless too and we are also searching, longing and looking for God in our lives.

Yes we do sometimes look in the wrong places and we get easily distracted. But for the most part we know there is something more and it is this something that can make all the difference in our lives. The invitation is to be open to the moments, where God's love touches our life in some way. If we are expecting something spectacular and eventful we are most likely on the wrong path. The spectacular is always rare and few find it. But if we are expecting something small, down to earth and uneventful, we are on the right trail. It will often turn out to be far more significant than what we first realised.

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