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'Happy Halloween' & All Saints Day
(Archived on Thursday - November - 02/11/2017 )

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Thought on Thursday - November - 02/11/2017

Thought For The Week

'Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.' ~William Penn

Our clocks went back an hour in the early hours of Sunday morning. An extra hour in bed over the Bank Holiday weekend was welcomed by many, but getting dark early now can also be dreary for some. The moving of clocks and time was first introduced during World War One. The measure was introduced to conserve coal and it was also brought in to ensure that children walking to school in the mornings did not do so in the dark. The further north you are from the equator, the greater the loss of light during the winter months.

We have control over many things in life but not time. While we may move our clocks back this weekend, time always ticks forward. How we use our time is something we can be much more in control of. Do we use our time well, creatively and meaningfully? Or do we waste our time and drift aimlessly taking everything for granted?

We begin the month of November today marking Halloween and All Saints Day. For many people time is used well during November, to remember with love those who have died. This is quality time; it is time to reflect, to pause, to remember with love, to pray and to cherish the memories of our loved ones who have died.

During this coming month of November many will visit a cemetery, say a prayer for a loved one who has died and decorate a grave with a flower or a nightlight. Whether or not one should pray for the dead is a question that is sometimes asked. The simple answer is that any prayer is always good. When we pray for those who have died, we are reaching out in love to that person, who was precious and special in our lives. In prayer we stand in God's presence and in praying for those who have died we are in some way connected with them. Our nearest and dearest who have gone on before us will always have a special place in our hearts. They will never be forgotten. May they rest in peace.

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