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'Lapping Up The Sunshine'
(Archived on Friday - April - 23/04/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at Grace Dieu Retreat House, near Tramore, Co.Waterford  
An huge oak tree laps up some beautiful spring sunshine as trees, flowers and shrubs begin to burst into life with every passing day.


Thought on Friday - April - 23/04/2010

How rich are the depths of God - how deep is God's wisdom and knowledge and how impossible to penetrate God's motives or understand God's methods. Who could ever know the mind of the Lord? ~St Paul's letter to the Romans 11:33-34

These lines are full of meaning and depth. They were not just written for the sake of putting a few lines together. They were written by Paul over much reflection on how he felt God was present in his life. Like all of us Paul grappled with the great issues of life only to end up in admiration of God's boundless wisdom. Paul had a great appreciation of the richness and depths of God's blessings in his life. Sometimes we might not be as confident or as sure as Paul. We appreciate that God somehow exists out there somewhere. Yet we often have to face moments in life that really test our faith and its almost as if were on our own. St Paul reminds us differently. He reminds us that with careful reflection we can point to God's influence and presence in our lives. Such an influence and presence has been a cornerstone of our lives. No event or person can ever take it away from us.

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