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'Icy Grip'
(Archived on Monday - January - 21/01/2013 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday at Altamount, Millstreet Co.Cork (Irl)  
Freezing cold weather has finally hit Ireland after a very mild winter so far. Snow has been predicted for many parts of the country overnight and early today.


Thought on Monday - January - 21/01/2013

'Sometimes you have to forget about all the things that are upsetting you, and focus on things that make you happy.' ~Author Unknown

There is a story told about a school principal who asked his staff to write out their new year's resolutions about how they could be better teachers for the coming year and that they would be put on the staff bulletin board. The teachers agreed and when the resolutions were posted, they all gathered around the bulletin board to read them. One of the younger teachers suddenly started giving out: "He didn't put up my resolution. It was one of the first ones submitted. He doesn't care about me. That just shows what it's like around here." On and on the teacher ranted and raved. The principal, who overheard this from his office, was mortified. He hadn't meant to exclude the resolution or any of his staff. Quickly rummaging through the papers on his desk, he found it and immediately posted it on the bulletin board. The resolution read, "I resolve not to let little things upset me anymore."

We sometimes fall into the trap of allowing the small things of life upset and trip us over. Everyone has to deal with the small things not going right for us each day. But we simply have to deal with them and just get on with life. In the context of the bigger story and what other people and families have to go through, our little upsets just fade into insignificance.

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