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'Time Out'
(Archived on Wednesday - April - 02/04/2014 )

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  I have been out sick and in hospital. Thankfully at the moment I am back home, I am resting and recuperating and doing really well. Thank you for all the prayers and good wishes. Talk soon James

The photo of the sailboat/yacht ties in with our Thought For Today below which is a repeat Thought


Thought on Wednesday - April - 02/04/2014

'You do not have to bring the Holy Spirit to where you are. The Spirit is there already. Your task is to discover and recognise him/her.' ~Gerry Crotty

Confirmation ceremonies are taking part in many parishes during these weeks of spring. It is always a great occasion for the young people involved, their school, their teachers, their parents and friends. Anyone who has attended such a ceremony is impressed with the quality of preparation, the enthusiasm and energy of the young people and the excitement that goes with the day. We sometimes associate the Holy Spirit to making our Confirmation and that's it. We tick the box as having it done but never afterwards connect the Holy Spirit to our lives. This is such a pity because the loss is immense.

The Holy Spirit is the greatest energy or presence in our world. It is alive, active, creative and prompting us always to God's special presence in our world. As soon as a yacht lifts up its sails to catch a breeze it becomes alive and moves through water full with purpose, energy and delight. If the sail is taken down and put away the yacht is almost lifeless and just drifts along. With regard to the Holy Spirit we have sometimes forgotten to put up our sails to catch and harness a unique presence in our world today. It doesn't matter when you made your confirmation, put up the sails today!

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