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'It's Show Time!'
(Archived on Saturday - May - 05/05/2018 )

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  Ed Sheeran did the opening leg of his European Tour in Cork last night. He is playing for three nights in Cork to sell out shows.  


Thought on Saturday - May - 05/05/2018

Thought For The Week

'When I called you answered me, you built up strength within me.' ~Psalm 138

It is always a question that is asked and will be repeatedly asked: are our prayers answered? Sometimes we get a strong sense that yes our prayers are answered and then there are other times when we felt it was a complete waste of time. We can all remember a prayer for someone that worked. The cynic and sceptic will say it was all pure coincidence and good luck. They will add that it was all going to happen without our intervention and prayers.

But if you look at stories of people down through the years and the generations gone before us, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that prayer really does work. The psalms are filled with the experiences of people who prayed and who felt it worked for them. Even if our prayers are not answered exactly in the way we want, we are given the strength to face whatever we have to face in life.

If prayer is not our thing at the moment, then it is good to know that there are others praying for us. At different times of the day, 'The Divine Office' which is the universal prayer of the church is read and said by people in every corner of the world. This prayer embraces the needs, concerns and intentions of everyone. So it is good to know that someone is praying for you right now and later on and at times you might not expect.

The reason these prayers are said is from a heartfelt and core belief that prayer does work and is not a waste of time. If we say that everything is energy and that everything in our universe is connected, then prayer is the on switch. When we pray for someone we send God's love, light and hope in their direction. There are very few who would say 'No Thanks' to this beautiful and natural inclination that is prayer. There are lots of people today and this weekend touching the 'On Switch' that is prayer. We can be a part of it too and if not it is good to know that many are doing it on our behalf.

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