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'Colourful Skyline'
(Archived on Monday - July - 02/07/2018 )

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  Photo was taken near Durrus, West Cork, (Irl)  
A beautiful skyline was transformed with these beautiful colours last Friday night. The sun went down at 10pm and then 15 minutes later the sky turned into these colours.


Thought on Monday - July - 02/07/2018

'Do you ever notice that there are 'happy people' peppered throughout the world whom, I have no doubt, are put here for the purpose of lifting spirits as they go about their daily lives? They could be the tea lady in the office, the rural postman on his daily rounds or indeed a DJ on the radio. I like to think I have been blessed by them." ~Francis Brennan

We know well that not everyone is happy and we know some who find it hard to put a smile on their face for many different reasons. We are also blessed to know many people who touch our lives by their smile, their bubbly character, their sense of fun and energy and their positive upbeat approach to life. These people often don't realise what they bring to our lives and our world. But what they do bring is special and our lives would be all the darker without what they bring to us. They are in ways a little outreach of God's care and love in our world.

Are you one of these people? If you are thank you and keep doing what you do naturally. Do you know someone in your life who brings you a smile, keeps you going, gives you a lift when you need it and is someone who makes the world of a difference in your life? If you do count your blessings and if appropriate thank them and tell them so. We say a prayer for them too and ask God to bless the people in our lives who make today special. May they be blessed in their own lives and in everything they do.

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