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'Peaceful Spot'
(Archived on Tuesday - October - 30/10/2018 )

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  Photo was taken last week in Gougane Barra, West Cork (Irl)  
This stream is one of so many peaceful spots to be found at Gougane Barra


Thought on Tuesday - October - 30/10/2018

'When hiking on any mountain it is always recommended that one hikes with at least one person in case of an emergency. There is also a second and more positive reason, someone with which to share the joy of the experience.' ~Brendan McGuire

Tomorrow we will celebrate Halloween. The experience of Halloween is not just for children but it also resonates with adults too. Halloween has its origins going right back to our Celtic ancestors who celebrated the feast of Samhain on Nov 1st. They celebrated the new year on this day because it was a time of transition from light to darkness. They also believed that the boundary between the living world and that of the dead was very thin, so much so that the spirits of the dead returned.

Some say Halloween is silly nonsense, a commercial opportunity and a waste of money. But Halloween has a lot to offer. Children love it and always will. For adults it brings back childhood memories of snap apple and other simple games that still survive. It puts us in touch with the mystery of life and that some things in life are often clouded in darkness. It puts us in touch with the struggle between light and darkness and the struggle between good and evil. Halloween may have pagan origins but the Christian message is wrapped around it. It's a simple Halloween message that God calms, encourages and reassures us especially when we struggle with darkness, evil, mystery and the unknown.

Later in the week as we move into the early days of November, we remember with love those who have died especially our nearest and dearest. I came across a lovely inscription on a candle lit for those who had died: "Those we love don't go away. They walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard but always near: still loved, still missed and very dear." Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, May perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen

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