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'What's For Breakfast?!'
(Archived on Tuesday - March - 23/03/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at Westcourt, Ballincollig, Co.Cork (Irl)  
These inquisitive hens are full of curiosity early in the morning. It is all part of the charm of having your own hens in your back garden and having access to fresh organic eggs.


Thought on Tuesday - March - 23/03/2010

We so often make prayer complex when in fact it isnít. Children always pray with honesty. If we could do the same with our prayers then they would take on a new meaning. Here are some prayers written by children of different agesÖÖ

Dear God, I wish I could see a long way and see things that were very far away. Then I could see my granny in her house and she could see me and we could wave to each other. All the best Jo.
Dear God, Iíd like to have a different name, I want everyone to call me Ariel. Can you change my name or do I have to tell them? Love Bernadette.
Dear God, Can you get my dad a new job? He hasnít had one for six months and he is getting bored of trying to find one. I know he wants one and he will work very hard. Thank you, Colleen.
Dear God, Why donít animals use toilets? Our cat uses a litter tray but some dogs just use the footpath. Thatís disgusting. Yours Leona.
Dear God, How does the world stay up in the air? From Georgio.
Dear God, My mother says you are everywhere at once, but how do you watch everyone? It must get confusing for you. From Mark
Dear God who is your mummy and daddy? All the best Calvin.
Dear God, Every morning when I get out of bed I feel happy to know that you are there looking after us. I try to live my life well and to always do what Jesus would do. I don't always get things right, but it feels good to know that I am doing things for you. I will try to live a good life for you. All the best Georgie

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