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'All Kinds Of Everything'
(Archived on Friday - April - 24/04/2020 )

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  Photo from the archive was taken near Cappanalea, Co.Kerry (Irl)  
Cappanalea can be found in the heart of the famous ring of Kerry. It is beautifully sited in a perfect wilderness location on the mountainous shores of Caragh Lake. Our photo today captured a mixture of all kinds of weather in the mountains yesterday, from sunshine, clouds, fog, drizzle, blue skies and so on.


Thought on Friday - April - 24/04/2020

'I am only one but I am one. I cannot do everything but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and with the help of God, I will do.' ~ extract from a Prayer card.

During this current covid-19 pandemic we may feel lost, irrelevant and perhaps feeling insignificant. So much seems to be outside our control, there is lots of uncertainty and no one is fully sure of when it's going to end. We are adapting and adjusting to a new lifestyle that is not easy. We have had to put lots of plans and activities on hold.

We may only be one but we are an incredibly important one. We are currently celebrating the season of Easter. This celebration is not just for a few days but lasts over six weeks. At the heart of Easter is a celebration of you, a celebration of what makes you special, unique and different. During this current crisis it can be easy to forget how special you are. It can be easy to forget the difference you are making in this crisis.

The very fact we are staying at home, adhering to the social distancing and cocooning for some is making a difference. The experts tell us that it is making a hugely significant difference. We will keep it going as best we can.

We also need to keep going a belief in ourselves too. We need to keep going a belief that there is a bigger picture. We need to keep going the Easter message of light, hope and new beginnings. We need to keep going our reaching out to those who need help during this crisis. We need to keep going a sense of balance in this crisis and how crucial that we balance out huge amounts of negativity with some good news.

The best place to start with this balance is your good news, my good news and all our little good news stories. Easter prods us and encourages us to be proud of our good news. Your good news may not make the headlines and the same goes with mine. But who cares about making headlines. Easter is all about the here and now, living life as best I can at home within very limiting circumstances.

It is my firm belief that Easter 2020 is one of the well-timed spiritual seasons. It has come at such an important stage on our journey through this crisis. The message of Easter is crucial in helping us through this emergency. Mind yourself, be safe and may God bless you.

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