The following reflection is by Fr.Tom Cahill

'Spiritual Makeover'
It's one approach to getting people off the dole, but it's controversial. To ease unemployment in the Netherlands three local councils are offering unemployed single women a %u20AC1,400 fashion and beauty makeover. The better you look the better your chances, the idea seems to be, of finding a husband or a job. Those chosen for the scheme will also be schooled in the social graces. When the crash course in carrying oneself is completed a professional photograph of the new you will appear on the website of an exclusive dating agency that claims a 75 percent success rate. However, with over 600 unemployed singles eligible not everyone considers the expense involved as money well spent.

It just goes to show the importance some people attach to outward appearance. Today's Second Reading (2 Tim 3:14-4:2), however, doesn't. It presents us with a different set of values, ones concerned with the quality of what's inside a person rather than their skin-deep looks. For a thorough spiritual makeover Paul reminds us there's nothing better than immersion in what he calls the sacred writings. All scripture is inspired by God, he tells us. And it has many uses. It can teach, correct, reprove and train in righteousness. It motivates and equips people both to be good and to do good. While this type of spiritual makeover doesn't cost a penny, it doesn't come cheap either. Its cost isn't in euro, but in the currency of faith, hope, love, generosity, kindness, service and other equally attractive characteristics. Too bad not everybody wants to employ these.
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