Thought For The Week

"Near restful waters God leads me, to revive my drooping spirit" ~Psalm 23:2

The word drought is something we are not used to here in Ireland. In other hot countries like Spain, Portugal and France we have seen what drought could be like but not here at home. The hose pipe ban is definitely a first for us. It is fabulous weather for those on holidays and clearly a very stressful time for farmers with no grass growing for their cattle.

Drought conditions is something that was very familiar to the writers of our scripture readings. As a result water was seen as a very precious commodity. God and spirituality was often compared to water. Without God in our lives it was like a drought and with God it was like being next to a running stream bursting with life and energy. The writers used the contrast to great effect and one that the people could connect with as well. The same invitation is extended to us today too. We are invited to refresh, recharge and refresh near whatever streams of spirituality that work for us.
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