Thought For The Week

'There is a beauty in everything and we must have our eyes open wide enough to see it. My favourite word is a Japanese word, Meraki, which means doing something with total love and pure soul, leaving a little piece of yourself in your creative work. By putting the whole of yourself into something, you gain more from it; other people in turn are inspired by this approach and take a similar path.' ~Bernie O'Sullivan

It is true that we often miss so much. The many beautiful and special moments that can make up any day can often get lost in our busy world. They don't actually get lost as such but it is we who lose them. We are often simply too busy to notice them. September is a month that gets busy for everyone. Schools and colleges are in full swing again. The daily routines are busy and active. Many of them are enjoyable and important.

But we also know that if the pace becomes so hectic, to the point that we are chasing, stressed and exhausted, then we are guaranteed to lose out on other significant and special moments that will pass us by. Getting the balance right as we know is always the challenge.

In our Gospels the message of Jesus could also be closely linked to the Japanese word 'Meraki'. From a spiritual point of view it means doing something each day with total love and pure soul. This means doing our best, it means being open to the many beautiful and special moments that each day can bring and it means cherishing the love and goodness to be found within each person. Doing the simple things well will always be the inspiration for others. We are not called to be superstars or celebrities or someone we are not. We are called to be ourselves, to be true to who we are and to do our best even if it seems our best is not appreciated sometimes. Today and during the coming week, the invitation is to open our eyes to the really important and special moments that can so often pass us by.
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