Thought For The Week

'God is not an abstraction. God is person - three in fact. God is more accessible to our minds and hearts by being seen as Father, Son and the Spirit of love between them. God is not a cold, unfeeling, unit of isolated magnificence. God is Spirit inspiring love in the hearts of all people of good will.' ~Tom Cahill

Yesterday was Trinity Sunday and reminds us that much about God and life is mystery. Puzzles get solved but mysteries don't. But what does this really mean? Thomas Aquinas probably answers it best when he said that whenever we speak about God there is only one thing we can be sure of, that we're wrong! Any attempt to speak about God can never be too far wrong though, if we say that God is love.

The Trinity is about the relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have heard the saying that two is company but three is a crowd. So where does this leave the Trinity? Three is a number that occurs regularly in the Gospels: three wise men, Jesus tempted three times in the desert, Peter denied Jesus three times, Jesus fell three times on the road to Calvary, three days in the tomb and so on.

While we may not fully be able to explain the mystery of the Trinity it is good to acknowledge that much of life is a mystery. Life can be unpredictable, uncertain and at times cruel. In the midst of Covid-19 life is a big challenge right now. But we believe that God is somewhere in the middle, helping us to cope and adapt. Somewhere in the middle of it all are three forces working together as one and hopefully making a difference to all our lives.
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