'Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.' ~Napoleon Hill

There is an old story told about a village that did not have a watchmaker. As the years went by many of the clocks became inaccurate and many of their owners decided to let them run down. But there were others, who maintained that as long as the clocks ran, they should not be abandoned. So they wound their clocks day after day even though they knew that they were not accurate. One day news spread through the village that a watchmaker had arrived. Everyone rushed to him with their clocks but the only ones that could be repaired were the ones that had been kept running. The abandoned clocks had grown so full of rust that nothing could be done with them. There are things we do too, that outwardly seem pointless and a waste of time. But in time what might seem foolish and futile now, can become precious and special. God always encourages us to patiently persist with the little and small things. With time they always add up to something of much more significance.
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