‘We are compelled to half do a lot of things, to half live our lives, half dream our dreams, half-love our loves. We have made ourselves into half people.’ ~Brendan Kennelly

Am I a half person? Do I half live my life? It’s an honest question that requires an honest answer. It is also a challenging question that could throw up a variety of answers. We know that for many people there is restlessness, a hunger for something more, an inner yearning that is not satisfied by what’s on offer at the moment. If we are living half lives then we are always going to leave ourselves well short. In our Gospels Jesus said he came to bring life and that we could have it to the full. He was never in to half measures but equally he never forced his offer on anyone. This hasn’t changed today or never will. What has changed is the world we live in. The pace of change and momentum is relentless leaving us no option but to choose at times half lives. The invitation is to move some little bit beyond half. Even a fraction beyond half will be great progress.
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