A young person's angle on prayer

At first I learned the Our Father. At that time I did not realise the great effect that this prayer would have on my life. Once I began school, prayer was taught through song and action. It was fun but God was simply someone up there and beyond. I particularly remember my Confirmation. Although it was a long time ago I know it was turning point for me in my own life. I realise gradually that God was not a myth but rather a very real energy in the world. I didn't feel alone any more. I pray best when I am being artistic in drama or through craftwork. God speaks to me in the enjoyment I get from this creativity. I truly believe that I would not survive without God. God is the love and the beauty that I find in my life. Sometimes I don't pray as much and I feel empty inside. I feel sad that some people cannot find God. God is a feeling that can never be taken from us, a feeling called love. I pray because I need the warmth that God gives to me each day.
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