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'Golden Leaf'
(Archived on Wednesday - November - 07/11/2012 )

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  Photo was taken at Station Road, Ballincollig, Co.Cork (Irl)  
Even in early November the autumn colours are still spectacular, particularly when they catch full sunlight.


Thought on Wednesday - November - 07/11/2012

'The greatest downfall in football is 'ifs', 'buts' and 'maybes'. What is needed is much more of 'do it'. ~John Giles (RTE Sports analyst)

What applies to sport can also be applied to life as well. We can keep coming up with the same ifs, buts and maybes. In fact we can become very good at coming with the right reasons as to why we shouldn't do something. During the long and dark days of November it is always a struggle to get motivated and much easier to retreat and not do something. But each day we are called and invited to make the most of what we are given. From a spiritual point of view it is often good to hand over our ifs, our buts and our maybes to God. It is good to acknowledge that at times we do hesitate. At the same time we pray for the strength and courage to face the day ahead. What will help us through any day but especially today is my attitude to it and my ability to go and get it done. Perhaps the following little prayer might be my start for the rest of this day.

Lord, help me to do what needs to get done. It is easy to hide behind ifs, buts and maybes. I hand over to you all my hesitations and struggles. Today I will do my best to make today as good as I can make it. Help me to go for it and to know that every 'do it' in your name is to do it to you and for you.

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