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'Tough Going'
(Archived on Friday - February - 05/02/2016 )

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  Photo was taken at Curaheen, Cork (Irl)  
I have great admiration for cross country runners. With all the recent rain, conditions have been very difficult. But this did not stop hundreds of athletes from taking part in the recent South Munster Secondary School Cross Country run.


Thought on Friday - February - 05/02/2016

'A great resurgence of interest in all aspects of our Celtic heritage is leading many individuals and groups to rediscover and draw inspiration from the lives of the early Irish saints. St Brigid, the patroness of Ireland, is emerging as one whose life has relevance and inspiration for us as we try to face the issues that confront our country and our world at this time.' ~Rita Minehan

The feast of St Brigid was celebrated last Monday (Feb 1st). Traditionally it marks the arrival of spring. Lots of winter storms have hit Ireland during the month of January, so any break from these will be welcomed by many. The feast of St Brigid is a day to reflect on all our present blessings and all the good around us. She had time for everyone including the poor but above all she inspired people to be themselves. She encouraged them to be proud of who they were, to be proud of their roots, to be proud of their gifts and talents and to be proud of their faith.

Using rushes she wove them all into a cross, to remind us that all the different strands of our lives are connected. They are connected not by chance but by the gentle presence of God in our lives. Brigid gathers our rushes of sorrow and blessings, of happiness and pain, tears and laughter, kindness and caring, of voluntary groups and organisations, of families, relations and friends, of schools and hospitals, of work, sport and recreation and all the little things we do with faith, hope and love. Brigid weaves them all with loving hands into something richer and more beautiful. For her God is always at the centre of everything we do, not just the good parts but simply everything. We ask her many blessings on us during this first week of February.

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