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'Not For The Fainthearted'!!
(Archived on Thursday - May - 12/05/2016 )

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  Photo was taken at PortAventura, Tarragona, Spain  
Portaventura is a seaside theme park with restaurants, state-of the art roller coasters, water slides and live shows. The roller coasters just tower way up into the sky and every few minutes you know they are on the steepest part, with the loud screams echoing through the park. Definitely not for the faint hearted!


Thought on Thursday - May - 12/05/2016

Thought For The Week

"Don't give up. There are too many out there who will try to discourage you. Don't listen to them. The only one who can make you give up is yourself." ~Sidney Sheldon

There are few times that one story completely dominates the headlines and particularly in sport. Earlier in the week this story was all about Leicester and how the completely outsiders won the Premiership. Every possible angle on the story has been covered and how the seemingly impossible became possible. There is also a spiritual angle to this story with an important message. In a world where the rich and wealthy take it all, it was great to see a small club with a big heart matching the powerful super clubs. When many don't give you a chance, who will try to put you down, ignore you and sometimes belittle you, it was great to show them up. People who have no interest what so ever in sport have connected with Leicester's story. The key message is to believe in our own ability, to consistently do the small things well, to ignore those who don't believe in you, to let your light shine and to always be your best.

The old story of the stonecutter sums it up well. The stonecutter patiently works away on a large piece of rock with a hammer. Blow after blow the stonecutter works away and nothing seems to be happening. A hundred blows and still nothing is happening. But on the hundred and first try the stone would crack. With that crack the stonecutter knew it wasn't that blow that did it but the cumulative effect of the hundred blows before it. When nothing seems to be happening for us it can be very discouraging. We are encouraged to keep going because every effort is never wasted. Once our mind set at the start of each day is to do our best and to be our best, then we are in a very good place.

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