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'Contrasting Colours'
(Archived on Tuesday - May - 17/05/2016 )

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  Photo was taken at Altamount Woods, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
A lovely contrast with the bluebells and white wild garlic. These flowers grow naturally in the wild and are usually found in the shade under trees.


Thought on Tuesday - May - 17/05/2016

Thought For The Week

"Ego is much less noticeable when we are open to the spirit within us and around us. You can call this spirit, God, Higher Power, The Holy Spirit, The Source, Jesus or whatever word is good for you. But once we are open to the spirit great things can and always happen. We realise we are connected to something that gives meaning. We are not just a random number or living in a vacuum or living in the world of ego. There is a reason why." ~Martina Lehane Sheehan

Sunday was the feast of Pentecost. It is always a great feast celebrating new life, energy, vibrancy, positivity, creativity, hope, light and so much more. It would be great if there was a simple formula in our search for God. We are often unsure where to start and how to begin. Our searches are many, from our local church, attending Mass and saying prayers that vary from traditional to deeply personal. Some find that these are not for them and search elsewhere. These searches include finding God in the humdrum of daily life, music, reading, reflection, meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and so on. Whatever and wherever our search, it is good that we are searching.

The Spirit of God knows no limits. Pentecost Sunday is celebrating and embracing the network of pathways that lead us to God. It is about celebrating your pathway. If you are unsure which pathway is for you, then Pentecost Sunday is about saying a prayer to the Holy Spirit to help you find your pathway. It is about asking for help to find meaning and fulfillment on the right pathway for you. Once we are open to the Spirit great things can and always happen.

If we stay rooted to the world of ego we will miss out on so much. The world of ego means that we just think exclusively about ourselves. Lots of ego says that everything should, must and has to evolve around us. Instead of reaching out this is only reaching in and means we are closed to blessings around us. It can never lead to meaning and fulfillment in life. Pentecost Sunday is all about enthusiasm and energy. There are days of course when we lack energy and motivation. But God's love for us is constantly bubbling over with life and energy. Nothing can change this. We pray to the Holy Spirit to re-energise us and to help us find the missing links on our daily journey.

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