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'Charity Smiles'
(Archived on Sunday - May - 29/05/2016 )

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  Photo was taken near Glengarrif, Co.Cork (Irl)  
Thankfully with the arrival of summer and warm weather, the opportunities to be active outdoors are many. With appropriate clothing and sun cream, walking and cycling provide one of the best ways of exploring the countryside. The cyclists in our photo today are a group of Transition Year students from Coláiste Pobail Bheanntraí (Bantry Community College) who cycled from Bantry to Glengarrif and back again to raise money for Trócaire last Friday.


Thought on Sunday - May - 29/05/2016

Thought For Today is by Triona Doherty called 'In Communion'

'If there is hunger anywhere in the world, then our celebration of the Eucharist is somehow incomplete everywhere in the world. In the Eucharist we receive Christ hungering in the world. He comes to us, not alone, but with the poor, the oppressed, the starving of the earth. Through him they are looking to us for help, for justice, for love expressed in action. Therefore we cannot properly receive the bread of life unless at the same time we give the bread of life to those in need wherever and whoever they may be.' ~Pedro Arrupe SJ

The Feast of Corpus Christi reminds us of our responsibility to be in communion with the whole body of Christ. There is room for everyone at the divine banquet - especially the poor and the hungry. In today's Gospel story of the feeding of the five thousand, Jesus refuses to leave anyone hungry, even when his own disciples suggest sending the crowds away. There is more than enough bread for everyone.

Notice that Jesus gives the food to his disciples to distribute among the hungry crowd. He is passing on the responsibility to his followers. It is up to all of us to help those in need. Having received Jesus' body and blood in the Eucharist, we are expected to pass it on - to play our part in feeding the hungry and working for justice.

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