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'Winter Coat'
(Archived on Sunday - November - 13/11/2016 )

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  Photo was taken at Glengarrif Woods, West Cork (Irl)  
A tree is covered with fungi and moss, which thrive during the winter months particularly if it is damp and mild


Thought on Sunday - November - 13/11/2016

Our Thought For Today is by Jane Mellett called 'Endurance'

At some point we have all seen and heard someone shouting on the street or on the internet about the end of the world. You'd be forgiven for thinking that today's Gospel is trying to achieve the same thing. We are reading the final chapters of Luke's Gospel for Year C. Jesus is in Jerusalem and the passages we hear are talking about end times. The people gathered are obviously excited having seen how magnificent the Temple is, having come 'up from the country' and Jesus is trying to calm them down. The time for excitement might not be just yet. Jesus reminds them, and us, that these things are short-lived and we should not be too bothered about 'fine stonework' and 'votive offerings'. These things do not last.

Jesus tries to comfort the people regarding various crisis that will happen; the call is to take perspective, to look at the bigger picture. Endurance is the message of today's Gospel. The people of Jerusalem will witness the destruction of the Temple, the disciples will face persecution, people of faith will have tough times ahead. Whatever crisis may come, Jesus is affirming people to keep going, to stay focused and not be afraid

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