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(Archived on Monday - February - 09/02/2009 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday at Gneeves Bog, near Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
More snow over the weekend provided plenty opportunity for more pictures! This windmill farm on Gneeves Bog is almost camouflaged against the snow capped hills in the background. These windmills were powering thousands of homes yesterday with electricty and all thanks to nature's abundant free gift of wind.


Thought on Monday - February - 09/02/2009

The following is food for thought…

The most destructive habit is worry.
The greatest joy is giving.
The greatest loss is that of self respect.
The most satisfying work is helping others.
The most endangered species are dedicated leaders.
Our greatest natural resources are our young people.
The greatest boost we can get is encouragement.
The greatest problem to overcome is fear.
The most effective sleeping pill is peace of mind.
The most crippling parasites to progress are excuses.
The most powerful force in life is love.
The greatest soother and comforter is prayer.
The most dangerous pariah is a gossiper.
The world’s most incredible computer is our brain.
The worst thing to be without is hope.
The deadliest weapon is a sharp tongue.
The two most powerful words are ‘I can’.
Our greatest asset is faith.
The most worthless emotion is self pity.
The most beautiful attire is a smile.
The most appreciated word is ‘Thanks’.
The most contagious spirit is enthusiasm.
To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.

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