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'Beauty Beyond The Branches'
(Archived on Friday - February - 20/02/2009 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday along the banks of the river Lee, near the Mardyke, Cork (Irl)  
A beautiful fine sunny day yesterday promted a walk by the Lee. As with any photo opportunity what you least expect is often what you get. A pheasant rustled in the leaves with the sun hitting its face and breast. There were lots of brances but I waited patiently until it moved into an area where its face and body was in full view.


Thought on Friday - February - 20/02/2009

God does not ask for our ability or our inability but our availability. ~Author Unknown

We so often focus on our inabilities rather than our abilities. How often we have heard, Im no good at that. What a pity. If only we had more inner belief and the confidence to hear that inner voice within each of us saying, I can and I will do it. For every one thing we are no good at, there are many things that we are good at. Lent begins next week and it could be an opportune time to focus on all the good things we are able to do. The invitation is to be willing to take the next step and make ourselves available and do what we are able to do. Can I give some of my time to doing even one thing I enjoy and one I know Im good at? Can I believe that my availability to do even one simple thing has the potential to make the world of a difference? In Gods eyes it most certainly does.

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