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'It's A Dangerous Sport'
(Archived on Friday - April - 03/04/2009 )

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  Photo was taken at Ring, near Clonakilty, Co.Cork (Irl) during the recent West Cork Rally  
Every picture tells its own story. The crashed car had smashed spectacularly into a wall with both drivers walking free from the wreckage. Once these drivers were ok the rally proceeded again with the drivers visibly aware as they sped by of what can go wrong.


Thought on Friday - April - 03/04/2009

ĎDonít take your organs to heaven with you. Heaven knows we need them here.í ~Author Unknown

This week in Ireland it is Organ Donor Awareness Week which is organised by the Irish Kidney Association. (Other countries across the world may be coinciding with something similar.) The week aims to increase awareness on the plight of people with organ failure and the ongoing need for organ donation for transplantation. There are currently over 600 people in Ireland awaiting life saving transplant operations. Kidney transplants alone last year came from 136 deceased donors, while 10 came from living donors. Every transplant is such a unique personal story of two people and mainly about love and courage. We might think itís outside of our story and so it doesnít make a difference. But one day we may be on that waiting list. Life and health are so fragile. We can take nothing for granted. At the heart of this awareness week is to encourage more people to make an informed decision to carry an organ donor card and to donate their organs in the event of their untimely death. Donor cards can be obtained through a free text. Just text DONOR to 50050

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