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'Orange Ball'
(Archived on Monday - April - 20/04/2009 )

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  Photo was taken on the Kinsale Roundabout flyover over the weekend looking across the western side of Cork (Irl)  
A beautiful orange ball of a sunset only lasted a few moments but enough to capture it, while cars coming in the opposite direction were thinking "Oh there's a Garda with a speedgun!!"


Thought on Monday - April - 20/04/2009

'We just manage to hold on and often do not control our life. We allow it to carry us where it wants to take us.’ ~John Looby

‘Life is what we make it’ is a saying that is often used and repeated. Every day is made up of so many possibilities, options, moments and decisions. The frequency and intensity of them make the pace of life hectic. It seems we are not in control and at times drifting helplessly along. But why is it that some people seem in control and seem to be totally connected to life, picking and choosing what and when they want it? Is it a life skill that some have naturally and for others one to learn? In our Gospels Jesus showed his disciples and friends how to prioritise and choose life giving moments. Instead of drifting aimlessly along he encouraged them to celebrate every bit of good news in their lives. He encouraged them to be creative, to have courage to say no when required and to always set time aside for personal reflection, prayer and time out. Small adjustments mean we will always be much more in control.

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