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'Sleigh Ride'
(Archived on Thursday - January - 07/01/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at St.John's Well on the lower slopes of Mushera mountain near Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
PJ, Julie and Tom Cremin enjoying a sleigh ride in a winter wonderland near Millstreet. Why pay big money for a sky holiday when it's all on your doorstep free!! The freezing weather and snow have gripped much of Europe and there's no sign of a thaw just yet.


Thought on Thursday - January - 07/01/2010

'Open the door of your treasure today, for tomorrow the key will not be in your hands.í ~Saídi

While many went back to work last Monday, it is more or less back to normal routine today with schools reopening after the Christmas break. But some will remain closed because of the freezing weather. As we journey through the beginning of 2010 many of us are hoping and praying for a good year. Everyone without exception was glad to close the door on 2009. From a spiritual point of view the beginning of a new year is always a welcome opportunity. No one is praying for a perfect or a trouble free year. But we do pray for Godís blessings knowing that each day is a treasure of such blessings. We pray for guidance and direction in our plans, hopes and dreams for the future. We pray for strength and courage to get through the challenges of each day. We pray that we will be open to surprise, laughter and the joy that life can bring. We pray for balance in our lives throughout 2010 mindful that each day and especially today is Godís most unique and precious gift to us.

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