'It doesn't work to leap a twenty foot chasm in two ten foot jumps' ~American Proverb

Today (Sep 14th) is the feast of the Triumph of the Cross. The cross is something that so many people can relate to. Life is far from easy, straightforward or predictable. It often means we try to jump twenty feet in two ten foot jumps and we begin to free-fall. But the cross is the stepping stone or the bridge that saves us from that fall. The cross on its own is ugly and not a place we want to stop or stay at. The cross can never be an end in itself. Because of the Resurrection the cross becomes a stepping stone. The cross pulls God right into the middle of our struggles, setbacks, pain, suffering and sometimes into the mess of our lives. But God doesn't want us to remain in this place. Life can sometimes be a jump too far but the cross in a strange way allows us to get through and across. We ask and pray for God's help today to give us strength, courage and hope to get through all that is difficult in our lives at the moment.
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